Monday, 26 August 2013

Benefits of Buying High Quality Bluetooth Speakers

Benefits of high quality Bluetooth speakers

Since the advent of the 21st century, wireless technology has become pervasive. Following the technology path of cell phones, tablets and notebooks, high quality Bluetooth speakers have had the experience of transforming the music listening experience. These devices have an attractive appearance and offer elegance while being more affordable priced than traditional stereo systems and boom boxes.

Convenience and energy productivity

These wireless speakers are portable and can be easily attached to different kinds of devices. Users are able to use these speakers anywhere inside or outside their homes as well as while traveling. In addition, they are small in size and light in weight, further making them convenient to use. An additional benefit of this kind of sound system is its energy efficiency as the power consumed is incredibly small. You can experience high quality sound without turning on those power hungry home theater systems. Wireless technology innovations continue to focus on further reducing the power usage and decreasing the negative effect on the environment.

Excellent sound quality

The quality of the sound received through these speakers is excellent, thereby changing the entire experience of enjoying your favorite music. The highest quality Bluetooth speakers offer a nearly theater-like environment that greatly enhances the entire experience. Moreover, they are wireless rendering them convenient and easy to use. Users do not have to invest time and frustration in untangling the cables or dragging wires around when moving the speakers. Best of all, they pass the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) test.

No installation requirements and attractive

Being wireless and easily connectible, customers do not have to invest a large amount of time installing these sound systems. After a simple pairing procedure, the devices can be immediately used. Typically, the speakers are available in a wide range of options in several colors. For that reason, you are able to make a choice that best matches your own taste. Because of their portability and the use of wireless technology, the loudspeakers are ideal for listening outside or while traveling. Users can relax and enjoy listening to their favorite tunes at virtually any location.

The rising use of wireless music sources (phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players) have made these kinds of devices both popular and a highly sought after accessory. These technically advanced products have made it possible for people to stream music from different kinds of devices. Users are able to work on their mobile devices while simultaneously enjoying their music. Contrary to some common perceptions, these speakers can be had at very affordable prices. Moreover, it is possible to browse the Internet to find exceptional deals as well as discounts on these wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Great quality Bluetooth speakers offer quite a few advantages as discussed in the above-mentioned paragraphs. Nevertheless, these devices have a few small drawbacks, which include range, energy, and compatibility. The speaker system often needs to be inside of twenty-six feet of the transmitting unit to function properly, which limits the range of functionality. Moreover, these speakers can't match the power output deliverable from regular loudspeakers making the sound both lower in volume and lower in richness. While these devices can pair easily with modern wireless devices, there are known issues with older Bluetooth devices and pairing them to the older devices can sometimes be a challenge.

Never the less, the advantages far outweigh the negatives, and wireless Bluetooth speakers bring a great deal of value to the consumer.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fix Annoying System 32 Computer Errors With Helpful Registry Repair Tools

Registry repair tools are more like a necessity when it comes to the complex architecture of Windows today. These tools help you a great deal sorting out all major issues that lie within your machine. It might be relevant to one specific program or your operating system as a whole.

One of the most common and serious issues that lie within your system are System32 errors. These errors start to generate when the special system folder has any corruptions in it. System32 folder lies in the system partition of your computer where the operating system in installed and acts more like the life system of your OS. Your computer will certainly work with missing System32 or corruptions in it but your OS will definitely not load. In case you are encountering the System32 corrupt or System32 missing errors by any chance, you need no other then quality registry repair tools to help you get rid of it.

System32 errors are usually associated with the start up and you might encounter them when the Windows files are loading. There are several other applications in your computer that might be associated with the System32 folder and its content causing errors rising at executions as well. There might be several ways to get rid of these errors but the most convenient and the simplest one is to look out for quality registry repair tools.

The tool kit scans all the details in your System32 folder and looks for the erroneous entries and files. Simple changes in the file structures might contribute to minor changes in the System32 folder and a lot of such minor changes will certainly end up in a completely devastating manner. The registry repair tools help you cater all such changes and these ones are reverted in order to set your file system to the healthy state. It's always better to solve issues by spending a few dollars on a quality tool then to hire a specialist that solves the same problem in hundreds.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Using Technology to Achieve a Work-Life Balance - Communications

VoIP is an acronym which stands for the term Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it represents the technologies in which voice data, typically telephone calls, is transferred over the internet. With recent advances in VoIP technology, it is able to almost seamlessly take the place of traditional fixed phone lines and offer many other benefits in addition.

As it does replace more and more PSTN (public switched telephone network - the traditional mostly analog network) lines in both our homes and workplaces, often the only way to distinguish whether you are using VoIP vs. PSTN is by the extra functionality that comes with it. Much of this functionality concerns integration, into unified communications packages (see below), and flexibility, both of which allow workers to make more efficient use of their working hours and reduce the work creep into their personal lives.

VoIP packages can vary but the functionality on offer can typically include the ability to make and receive phone calls free of a fixed location or device, as long as an internet connection is available.

The user may be able to use differing interfaces to handle calls, depending on the device in question - for example, a web interface and a headset on a desktop computer vs. a mobile phone vs. a digital handset - but the end result will be unaffected as far as the person on the other end of the line is concerned.

The consequences for employees is that they are able to work outside of the office (at home for example) to make better use of their time and still be as accessible on the end of the phone as they would normally be on site; often on the same number. Commutes can be negated when needs be and flexible working arrangements can be embraced far more easily.

Video Conferencing

As with VoIP, the benefits of video conferencing, in terms of achieving a better work life balance are all about providing effective but flexible communication possibilities free of location dependencies. The term, sometimes referred to as video chat or video calling, describes scenarios and technologies in which users can talk face to face using video streams over the internet - essentially like VoIP with added video. Many organisations have meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities to allow communication between office locations without the need for travel but the technology is also used in portable devices and desktop computers to provide the means for visual communication on the move. It is possible, for example, to join a meeting in the office using a smartphone when on the train, using video conferencing.

The technology, therefore, allows workers to communicate using all of the visual cues that make face-to-face contact so effective without travelling long distances, or, when more beneficial, from alternative locations such as home. Combined in a unified communications package (see below), it can even facilitate collaboration on work with colleagues as though they were in the same office despite being stationed in disparate locations. All of this reduced travel and location independence does of course mean more time at home as fewer demands on time spilling outside of work hours.

Unified Communications

Bringing all of these together to offer joined up communications channels, is unified communications (UC). This is a very dynamic area of tech but the ultimate goal is that individuals are able to communicate seamlessly, switching between different methods/channels such as voice calls, video calls, email and instant messaging (IM) or SMS, across varying devices and platforms, without the conversation dropping at any stage. UC can use the concept of an integrated inbox where more traditional emails sit alongside IMs and even voicemail messages, managed with unified contact lists.

The concept is being adopted at enterprise level with solutions such as Microsoft Lync but it also creeping into our day-to-day lives with developments such as Google Hangouts. The latter brings together our personal conversations across mobile and desktop devices using instant messaging, email and video calling and provides another example of how high technology is permeating our personal lives and in turn increasing the expectation and perceived possibilities of its use in the workplace.

UC is attractive to enterprise because offers businesses efficiencies in terms of the speed and effectiveness of communications alongside reduced travel costs. However, UC adoption in the workplace can also improve both the motivation - due to the effectiveness of the work employees carry out using the technology - and the working hours of employees so that their jobs take less of a toll on their personal lives and ultimately their happiness.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

4 Powerful Business Apps To Increase Productivity To The Roof

For small business owners, choosing the right tools to assist their business can be a daunting task. In fact running a business is the most rewarding and a challenging endeavor but thankfully with the current technology and emerging of business apps in the market can be an eye opener. Let's see what are the 4 top apps available today that can help you to organize and focus on your core business.

1) Evernote

This is an easy to use free application for syncing notes together. Evernote works as a great solution for small businesses to organize and keep track of notes, capture photos, create to do lists, deals, projects, little tips, etc. This application allows you to share notebooks between employees. With Evernote you are able to use 2 GB of space to upload and organize your notes. You get these 2 GB of space per employee, per month so it allows you to keep growing.

Key Features:

• Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use
• Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
• Save, sync and share files
• Record voice and audio notes
• Search for text inside images
• Organize notes by notebooks and tags
• Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
• Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use
• Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter
• Works with Evernote Business: Capture, browse, search, and share Business Notes and Business Notebooks from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
◦ Premium feature: take notebooks offline to access them anytime
◦ Premium feature: allow others to edit your notebooks
◦ Premium feature: add a PIN lock to your Evernote app

Get Evernote Apple App Here
Get Evernote Android App Here

2) Asana

It is a cloud-based task management tool for team projects and is the best way to communicate, organize and track your work. The application allows users to assign tasks to individuals. Within each task you can add notes, subtasks, add deadlines, etc. More than just assigning tasks though, you get the capability to upload documents, tag elements, and speak between employees. Asana is free for groups of up to 30 people. If you've got more than that, the pricing starts at $300/month for teams of 50.

Key Features:

• Create, prioritize, and assign tasks on-the-go
• Stay up-to-date with mobile Inbox, push notifications, and badges
• Search to quickly find tasks, projects, people, and tags
• Add due dates, recurring tasks, followers, and tags
• Attach images to tasks (iOS 6+)
• Attach files from Dropbox (requires Dropbox app v2.3 or later)
• Quickly see all tasks assigned to you
• Navigate to any project to stay on top of the details
• Changes made in the app sync in real-time
• Free: Collaborate with up to 15 teammates at zero cost

Get Asana Apple App Here
Get Asana Android App Here

3) Meeting Mapper

This application is an iPad app that is available from the iTunes store. It does exactly what it sounds like, it maps out your meetings. It tracks the opinions/ideas of every meeting participant and makes it easy to create tasks or action items and schedules them for follow up. This is a handy way to make the most out of your meetings and feel like you're walking away with some beneficial information and important steps moving forward.

Meeting Mapper iPad App


Meeting Mapper iPhone App

Get Meeting Mapper iPad App Here
Get Meeting Mapper iPhone App Here

4) Receipt HD

This superb application allows you to track your personal and business income/expenses including mileage. This is the most customizable expense tracking app available today which enable you to create budgets, accounts, categories and nine different types of custom receipt fields for local taxes, payment type and etc. You can save bunch of time when submitting expense reports especially during tax season.

 Get Receipts HD Apple App Here

Apparently, these are the very basics and the most simplest business apps that can enhance your productivity to the roof. Although there are plenty of apps out there but these but these 4 apps can do wonders to help your business.

Perhaps you may also share your favorite apps that have helped you grow your business?

Monday, 12 August 2013

What Is The Best Camera Phone For Point and Shoot Photography?

When it comes to the best point and shoot camera, there are many smartphones that could be called the best when the criteria are high-resolution images. For instance, there is an old saying that one takes a photo first in one's mind while the camera serves as a tool to convert that mind's eye image into reality. In turn, the standard smartphone uses a 10-megapixel camera that is comparable to a standard point and shoot camera.

However, the smartphone camera offers more advantages than a point and shoot camera because the phone can also send and save your images.

Another aspect of smartphone - serving as point and shoot camera - is linked to the phone's built-in fixed aperture that is also standard for most camera cell phones these days. Also, there are smartphones that act like point and shoot cameras with zoom in features that lets you digitally increase the resolution of the image you are taking.

What Is The Best Point and Shoot Camera?

While professional photographers say the best point and shoot camera is a classic Hasselblad 35mm that one simply points and shoots with the camera doing the work, there are many smartphone models that also offer special apertures and adjustable shutter speeds for selecting and evaluating the best setting to make the photograph.

Also, of the many smartphones tested for photography purposes, the photography experts commenting online said the iPhone 5 has great point and shoot features and a special high dynamic range (HDR) feature to help you compose the image you wish to take.

However, there are other cell phones with cameras that are comparable to the iPhone, add photographers who've rated the best phones that can be used for photography.

Getting Great Images With a Cell Phone Camera

The general photography rule for testing a phone camera is to check if the smartphone's user settings are similar to those on a standard 35 mm camera.

In turn, the photographer takes a variety of shots both indoors and outdoors in various lighting scenarios to see if the images are uniform and clear when the photographs are taken with a smartphone camera as compared to a regular camera.

Also, the results are surprisingly the same with phone point and shoot cameras producing similar quality photos, say top photographers commenting online about the difference between phone cameras and standard 35 mm models.

Another area of point and shoot photography is linked to the used of the flash when either indoors or outdoors in dimly lit areas. For instance, a longtime professional photographer commented online about testing his Droid, Nokia and BlackBerry camera phones and finding both people and landscape pictures looking super and even comparable to non-phone point and shoot cameras.

Image Quality With Point and Shoot Cameras

Image quality, as many photographers know, is all-important when taking a photo. However, there are old school shooters who still view smartphones as simply phones and not real cameras. Still, that view is changing almost daily as smartphone technology continues to amaze consumers with such things as portrait quality images taken by a cell phone camera.

In turn, top photographers are now singing the praises of smartphone cameras because these phone cameras - such as the Nokia Windows 8 phone and the BlackBerry Z10 - can do the job in all settings.

For example, a smartphone camera fan said she took action shots, portraits, photos during the evening hours and even pictures shot in a snowstorm and under the bright sun at the beach and all came out perfect.

Smartphone Cameras Have All the Features

A measure of how far point and shoot smartphone cameras have come is evident at a recent photography exhibit in San Francisco that was hosted by cell phone manufactures to demonstrate the power of these wee small cameras contained in smartphones.

In turn, a female teenager won a top prize in this smartphone point and shoot camera competition with her Nokia Windows 8 phone that captured a very cool image of the famed Golden Gate Bridge at dusk.

The teen pointed to the bright orange colors she was able to capture with her point and shoot camera phone at dusk while also bragging about her phone's ability to select the ISO up to 800. She also noted how her phone camera acts just like a standard point and shoot camera with the ability to change the exposure either up or down while also featuring handy presets that makes for almost error free photography.

Phone Cameras With Special Features

While most standard 35 mm cameras and point and shoot camera have lots of settings to help make picture taking more exact, today's smartphones that also offer point and shoot cameras are no slouch when it comes to special settings.

For example, there are many point and shoot phone cameras with both special presets and manual settings for taking photos at any time of the day and in all weather conditions. The smartphone cameras - such as the clever HTC Droid DNA model - allows the photographer or cell phone user to sort out such things as exposure, contrast, image saturation, image sharpness and even the age old photography term "white balance."

In addition, the white balance feature on most top of the line smartphone cameras allows removal of unrealistic color casts that are common with most standard film cameras.
Point and Shoot Is Better

The beauty of today's high-tech smartphones - for point and shoot photos - is proper camera white balance features that helps convert either the coolness or warmth of white light that our human eyes see during photography.

Moreover, the benefits of smartphone point and shoot photography is linked to the elimination of unsightly color casts that tend to appear in photos taken with either a standard film camera or a non-phone point and shoot camera.

At the end of the day, it has been proven that smartphone point and shoot cameras are much more efficient and dependable when it comes to white balance features that remove unrealistic colors such as harsh blues and green casts.

Thus, there are many longtime photographers today who point to their smartphone cameras understanding white balance better than they can when using standard point and shoot cameras. Also, the photographers point to such things as red-eye detection - that is standard with most cell phone cameras -as a real plus when it comes to taking photos during a child's birthday party or other event that requires shooting a lot of people inside.

Special Settings Make Smartphones Smart

Photographers often express frustration when taking photos with a standard point and shoot cameras because most do not have the same cool settings as their smartphone cameras.

For instance, a new iPhone features special photography scene modes that make for more powerful and fantastic images. The camera phone's settings include ones for taking portraits, skin smoothing, fireworks and snow scenes and even smile and eye-blink detection.

In turn, top photographers joke that many of today's high-tech smartphone cameras are not only making their job easier but possibly replacing them one day as photographers.

At the same time, today's point and shoot camera phones are creating a new trend in "street photography" where non-photographers have now taken this hobby up thanks to their smartphones.

For example, there are more and more everyday cell phone photographers who are capturing wonderful images that can be shared with family and friends. These rookie photographers are also breaking the glass ceiling on creating lasting images for posterity, and professional use online and in leading newspapers and magazines.

Also, the rise of the point and shoot cell phone photographer has created a new trend in sharing images online with the worldwide Internet community.

Cell Phone Photography Is All About Convenience

When it comes to the convenience of taking images almost anywhere and everywhere, there is a view that it has really changed the playing field for how most photographs are taken today.

For example, a cell phone user explained online how he started taking street photos after seeing all sorts of wonderful things from the viewfinder of his ever present smartphone. The cell phone fan also noted how he's taking photos all over town simply because he always carries his cell phone camera, and taking images has become a sort of hobby for him and his friends who also share their street images.

At the same time, another fan of point and shoot photograph said he never really took photos that much until he started to habitually carry his camera phone around with him. He said just having the camera phone handy offered him many more opportunities to take photos than with his standard point and shoot camera that he only uses for family event photography or when on a vacation.

Smartphone Cameras Are Very Convenient

First you have to know that for busy people today the smartphone camera is all about simple convenience. In turn, the camera phone serves users by offering both a device to make phone calls and a camera to take those photos that used to get away.

For some people, the camera phone is a way of proving something is true.

In addition, a longtime concert goer said he never took photos during concerts, but now that's all he does. He explained that during a show or concert there is always a dramatic moment with someone does a super guitar solo or something, and he just can't help but snapping that special moment in time with his point and shoot smartphone camera.

Also, the reason many cell phone users are sold on their phone's built-in camera is the process of taking a photo is very user friendly.

For instance, most of the popular point and shoot cameras on the market today are also smartphones. There is the iPhone 5, the BlackBerry Z10 and the Nokia Lumina 920 to name just a few of the many popular point and shoot smartphone camera models on the market today.

While each and every one of these cell phone cameras is marketed as the "best ones," the users of these camera phones are a bit more discerning when it comes to the best of the best.

Cell Phone Photos Have Come A Long Way

The smartphone point and shoot camera phone fans who are busy snapping images each and every day like to say that this unique form of technology has come a heck of a long way since the first iPhone camera phone. Also, it is not lost on professional photographers that yesterday's popular megapixel camera is now contained inside a smartphone.

The result for point and shoot smartphone fans is wonderful, professional quality images that are second to none in overall quality and clarity of image. Thus, it is for good reason that fans of these phone cameras are singing the praises of this unique technology that has taken away the usual washed-out and grainy photo images and replaced it with really professional quality photographs.
At the same time, this change in how many photos are taken today has evolved from the image being in the mind's eye to later when the cell phone is taken out of someone's pocket and put to work snapping great images.

Smartphone Cameras Continue To Evolve

The modern photographer has two cameras - one, that is a standard point and shoot camera, and the other a former phone that is now a camera contained within a smartphone.

In addition, even the best standard point and shoot camera on the market today lacks the many built-in features that are popular with modern smartphone cameras. For instance, fans of the Nokia Lumia 928 say this smartphone camera is really state-of-the-art with all sorts of bells and whistles that makes it comparable to a really good standard 35 mm film camera.

Also, there are many new breakthroughs in smartphone cameras with special optical zoom features that are lacking in many standard cell phone cameras and even regular point and shoot cameras. For example, there is a view with photography fans that it won't be long before your smartphone starts sporting interchangeable lens and filers like standard cameras.

However, the point and shoot mentality is here to stay. An example is the widespread use of cell phones in the world today with most people owning some sort of smartphone that includes a built-in camera.

In addition, even the best standard cameras lack the ability to also send an image instantly like smartphone cameras do as a normal feature.

Overall, the reviews for most smartphones today include the built-in camera features that are also marketed to users as a great option because you can take a photo anytime with the ease of your cell phone.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Basic Wireless IP Camera Setup

This article will help explain how to setup your very own IP Camera. As there are numerous brands there is no 'one size fits all' setup blueprint. These instructions are quite broad and should cater for most IP Camera's out on the market.

Remove all contents from the box and verify you have purchased an authentic wireless IP camera. Beware as there is a market for cheap imitations that are of poor quality.

Verify that you have all the parts by matching the contents with the contents in the instruction guide. With most wireless IP cameras you should receive a power cable, Ethernet cable, the camera itself and aerial. You may have also received a wall mounting bracket.

Once all contents have been identified begin screwing in the antenna. Ensure that it is firmly in place and you are done with the hardware side of things. Simple hey?

Now onto the software side of things. You will need to connect your wireless IP camera to your router via the Ethernet cable provided; you may choose to use your own Ethernet cable as the one provided may not be long enough. Now I know what you're probably thinking, isn't this meant to be a wireless camera? You would be right in thinking this however this is only for the installation process. You should now connect the power cable.

At this stage your camera should come to life, you should now be seeing lights flashing at the rear of the camera around where you plugged the Ethernet cable in.

The next process will require you to install the software onto your computer or laptop. You will be required to login to connect. With different cameras this process will vary but most are very user friendly.

You should now be able to setup the wireless aspect of your IP camera through the software menu. This should be under device management. You will then, under Wireless settings, scan for the network you are currently connected to via the router. Once the IP camera has recognized the connection you will then be required to enter your network password if you have one. The device should now be restarting itself. Once the restart has occurred you can now remove the network cable.

There you have it, your wireless IP camera is setup for use. Most devices should also have the option of viewing the camera from any desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, laptop or any other device with web browsing capabilities around the world with an internet connection. This will be addressed in a blog to come.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Alienware 18 Review - Dell Laptop With Quad-Core Processors, Dual Graphics, and Great Technology

If there's one laptop that deserves to be called the most powerful, it's the Alienware 18. Dell has done a great job with the construction and customization of this laptop. It's made out of metal materials for durability. Everything from the chassis to the hinges is strong. You can open and close the lid up to 20,000 times before the hinge starts to wear out. The components and technology are powerful and advanced enough to keep you gaming for years.

With an 18-inch display, you'll be able to see plenty of background when playing games and watching videos. There is also the option to connect the Alienware 18 to a larger display that has 3D capabilities.

All of your multimedia will run smoothly thanks to 4th Generation Intel processors (quad-core). They are made even faster with overclocked technology and turbo boost, which can get up to 4.3 GHz. The hyper-threading technology can handle up to 8-way multitasking so you can run more applications in the background without using too many system resources.

The AlienTouch provides you with plenty of touchpad customization. It is designed for virtual scrolling. Horizontal and vertical scrolling gestures can be customized by you. It's up to you to decide how much sensitivity you want the touchpad to have.

How much memory would you like your dream laptop to have? This one can handle up to 32 GB (dual channel) at 1600 MHz. The base option is 8 GB, but you can go up to 16 or 32 if you need more.

As far as the graphics go on this laptop, you couldn't ask for more. It comes with dual NVIDIA GeForce graphics.for gaming and 3D software. The dual graphics will be able to handle any game you throw at it, no matter how advanced and detailed the animation is.

The audio is just as advanced as the video technology. The laptop comes with standard HD 5.1 performance audio, and it can be upgraded to an even more advanced system.

If you plan on using this machine for a long time, you'll need plenty of storage space. Think of all the games and other files you'll be downloading and saving over the years. You can choose 1000 GB or 1500 GB SATA (7200 RPM). For the optical drive, you can go with a standard DVD writer or a Blu-Ray reader.

To put it simply, the Alienware 18 is the best laptop money can buy. Not only do you have some customization options, you can also personalize it thanks to the AlienFX system lighting technology. Apply dozens of different colors to different zones. There are so many color combinations available that your laptop is guaranteed to have a unique look. It comes with everything you need, and it's engineered to last.

You'll never find a better gaming laptop than this. You can find it at a low price online thanks to exclusive Alienware 18 discounts. Dell usually gives out promo codes to help online shoppers save on computer and accessories.

To find out more about this computer along with coupons and discounts to make your purchase less heavy on the wallet, visit George's website -


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Which Is Truly Better: Mac or PC? The Wisdom Of The Crowd

OK I know what you're thinking - there is no way of truly deciding whether a PC or mac is better. I mean come on! This is a personal preference so it really doesn't matter what I think right?

Well maybe there is a way of deciding which is better. When one considers the differences between a Mac and a PC: one must think about what the majority of the world values in their computers. The interface that the people prefer may not tell us which operating system performs faster or has fewer problems - but it will teach us the wisdom of the crowd. According to the online dictionary, the wisdom of the crowd is "the process of taking into account the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than a single expert to answer a question." This theory has almost always proven to be the better method of determining the most accurate answer to a question.

For example, if you were to guess how many jelly beans there are in a glass jar, the average guess of a group of people will most likely be closer to the correct answer than the guess of one individual. Therefore, when more people choose one computer over the other they are in a sense proving which computer is better.

In the question of what is the better operating system - the mac or the PC; we must turn to statistics to answer this question. I could have answered this question with a very detailed and opinionated explanation that would perhaps make very good sense from the technical side of things. But instead, I will answer this question by using the wisdom of the crowd method to come up with a more statistically accurate solution to the problem at hand.

According to statistics on, since 2003 PC has been the dominating platform that most people used throughout the world. All the way up to may of 2013 the windows interface has dominated almost 75% of the market. Therefore, according to the wisdom of the crowd theory, the windows operating system is the better computer. The PC comes out on top.

But wait a minute... Are we satisfied with this answer (surely the mac lovers are not)? There are other things we must consider. For example, because windows computers are more affordable - they are more accessible to the population and therefore used at a greater number. Or, perhaps Microsoft spends more money on marketing and generates more sales of computers than Apple does?
What do you think? Comment here: and vote for what operating system is better and why! More votes will contribute to the wisdom of the crowd and will give us a more accurate answer!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Refurbished Zebra Barcode Printers

In today's business environment, barcode technology is incredibly important. Just about every type of business implements barcode technology successfully. With the growth in barcode use comes the growth in demand for the barcode printer. Before I dive any deeper into the world of barcode printers, let's first describe what a barcode is.

A barcode is a symbol which carries information about the object or person to which it is attached. A barcode can be one dimensional or two dimensional. It can be read by special optical scanners, or barcode readers, desktop printers, and smart phones. Barcode printing uses different combinations of bars and spaces to encode data into barcodes that are printed on labels or cards.

A barcode's overall scan-ability depends on its print quality. There are four different types of barcode printers: DotMatrix, Inkjet, Laser, and Thermal. The thermal barcode printer is by far the most efficient, and as such, is the most widely used type of barcode printer on the market today.

Direct Thermal Printer

A direct thermal printer creates images directly on treated labels or tags. Ink, toner, and ribbon are not necessary when using a direct thermal printer. Instead, it uses a chemically-treated, heat sensitive barcode label that blackens when it passes under the thermal print head of the printer. Since the direct thermal printer does not need ink, toner, or ribbon, it is an inexpensive option.

Thermal Transfer Printer

A thermal transfer printer uses a ribbon and a print head to produce accurate, high-quality barcode images. It uses heat to transfer ink from the ribbon to the label or tag to form images. A thermal transfer printer can print on a wide variety of media, from paper to polyester.

If you are in search of a barcode printer, you should consider a refurbished Zebra printer. Refurbished printers are an excellent choice for several reasons: they perform just like new but at a much more budget-friendly price, they are environmentally friendly as they give life back to old printers and keep them out of landfills, and they have been recently tested and have received any and all necessary maintenance. Refurbished printers will also come with a warranty of some kind, so you don't have to worry about what to do if something happens to go wrong with them. Like most products, you should do your research and make sure you are purchasing your refurbished server from a reputable company, and an easy way to tell if a company is reputable or not is if it offers warranties for its refurbished products. A reputable company will always offer some kind of warranty for a refurbished product. Keep that in mind during your search.

Zebra 110XiIII Plus

One of the best Zebra barcode printers on the market today is the Zebra 110XiIII Plus. This printer is an entry-level, high performance thermal barcode printer. It offers 4 inch print width and a variety of resolutions from 203 to 300 to 600 dpi. It is a great printer for heavy-duty industrial operations, and it can handle both 4X6 inch shipping labels as well as tiny, extremely detailed labels for smaller products. It features a single 32 bit 133MHz processor, 16MB SDRAM, and 4MB Flash memory.

The Zebra 110XiIII Plus is ideal for top-side and bottom-side circuit board labeling, product labels, serial plate labels, surgical tools, diagnostic kits, and printing on bottles.

If you're in the market for a new barcode printer, I highly recommend considering a refurbished Zebra barcode printer, such as the Zebra 110XiIII Plus. Refurbished computers are good for the environment, perform just like new, and are incredibly budget-friendly.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

6 Tips to Secure Your E-Commerce Site

If you have an e-Commerce site you are in crosshairs of hackers. Why? Because you are the goose with the golden eggs they covet most. You handle customer credit card and personal information that they want to steal and exploit.

They usually do it by either intercepting the messaging between you customer's browser and your web site or hacking into your network to infect your web pages with malware. In some cases they break into databases to get customer data.

You can be held liable for what happens to your customer's data, but the damage to your reputation with your customers can be worse than the direct financial loss. Infected pages not only harm the customer but take longer to load. According to the Aberdeen Group, 57% of users abandon a site if a page load exceeds 3 seconds and 8 of 10 will not return to an e-Commerce site after a bad experience.

You need to place a high priority on securing the site and protecting your customers if you want to protect your business. Here are 6 essential steps to take that are too often neglected.

  1. Use Enhance Verification SSL: Consumers are increasingly looking for assurances that a merchant is trustworthy. EV SSL sends exactly that message. Every site that exchanges financial or personal information requires using the Secured Socket Layer, enabled by SSL certificates. They provide a secured, encrypted connection between your visitors and your site. However, not all certificates provide the same level of assurance to your customers. On one end of the scale are Domain Name certificates that simply verify that you are the owner of the domain name for which you requested. The highest level of assurance is provided by Enhanced Verification (EV) certificates where you are verified as an ongoing and trustworthy organization. EV certificates cost more, as you would expect, but they are well worth. Consumers are increasingly aware of the risks of online transaction and EV tells the customer that you can be trusted.

  2. Use PCI and Vulnerability Scanning Services: You need to proactively identify and address security issue before they damage your business. Many site operators assume that SSL is all they need to secure their web site. SSL provides a critical level of protection, securing the communication between your server and the site visitor's browser. It does not, however, prevent network breaches and infection of your web pages with malware and malicious scripts. Unfortunately, for performance reasons web hosts do not do the type of malware scanning that you do on workstations and network servers. It would disrupt accessibility to your site. It's up to you to protect your site in the event of a breach. PCI and vulnerability scanning services will scan your web site on regularly basis to identify issues that would cause you to be non-compliant with Payment Card Industry security requirements and other issues that threaten your customers. PCI and vulnerability scanning are often bundled together, but have different objectives. PCI Scanning, such as Comodo's HackerGuardian, are designed to make it easy for you to meet your quarterly PCI compliance reporting requirements. Failure to do so can result in large fines and even suspension of your ability to take credit cards. Vulnerability scanning, such as provided by Comodo's Web Inspector, identifies issues such as infected web pages that would download malware to your customers. Web Inspector also monitors blacklist site that report malicious and compromised sites. Search engines such as Google will block such sites from being returned in searches. If consumers can't reach your site it is effectively down.

  3. Call in the White Hats! Use penetration testing to stay ahead of the bad guys: If you operate your web site from your own network, your site is only as secure as your network. In the world of network security we sometimes call those who hack into computer networks with nefarious motives as "Blackhat Hackers". When an organization wants, nay needs to go the extra mile to ensure they are safe from the Blackhats, they can call in the White Hats for Network Penetration Testing. Network Penetration Testing, aka pentesting, includes the same activities of the Blackhat Hackers, except they are conducted by "good guys" as a service. They test networks and websites by manually simulating a hacker attack to see if there are security holes that could compromise sensitive data. White Hat testers identify critical attack paths in a network's infrastructure and provide advice on eliminating these threats. They attempt to bypass security weaknesses to determine exactly how and where the infrastructure can be compromised. They utilize advanced hacking and social engineering techniques and the latest tools. If vulnerability exists in your network, the bad guys will eventually find and the consequences for your customers and your reputation can be severe. Better that the White Hats find the issue first!

  4. Use multi-factor authentication: When the web was first introduced for commercial purposes in 1994, it seemed that authenticating users with a user id and password was good enough. Not so much today. Despite enhancements to SSL and advancements in network security, hackers have demonstrated the ability to intercept user ids and passwords. There are two common techniques. First, the "man in the middle" attack where the hacker inserts a process in between the browser and web server and capturing the communication between the two. If the web server is using Enhanced SSL the web use should be alerted that there is a problem, but that assumes the web user is paying attention. Second, if a hacker can infect a web site with malware it may be able to download a key logger and sniffer programs to the user's computer. The hacker can then monitor where the user goes on the internet and capture their credentials when they login to password protected sites. Even if you have protected your network as discussed above, the visitor could have been infected from another web site. You may have noticed, but financial institutions like your bank or brokerage firm don't rely solely on a user id and password. If you change the computer you normally login from, they add an extra level of authentication to make sure it is really you. This is called "Multi Factor Authentication", sometimes known as 2 Factor Authentication. For example, my bank will send me an authentication code to an email address or telephone number that they already have on file. I can use that number with my password to login. Unless the hacker also has access to my email or cellphone, I am the only one that it could be trying to gain access.

  5. Trust seals matter. Use them: Trust seals will increase your conversion rates and repeat customers Trust seals are images issued by a 3rd party that attest that your site has met a set of standards and criteria that make you trustworthy. Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase from sites where they see such seals. They will increase your conversion rates and repeat customers For example, the Web Trust seal on the site of a Certificate Authiority that issues SSL certificates attests that they meet the highest standards and operate with the best practices for a Certificate Authority. If you use Enhanced Verification (EV) SSL you the issue authorizes you to display their trust sea to tell your site visitors that they can feel safe doing business with you. A surprising number of sites have invested in EV SSL, but do not prominently display their seal. Today, with all of the concerns about safety and security when online, consumers need all the assurances you can give them.

  6. Use a Managed DNS: Using a managed DNS service can improve your network and web site performance and provide additional security. When you communicate on the internet, domain names that are easily understood by humans must be translated into related IP addresses that identify each computer on the internet. The translation is done by a Domain Name Server (DNS), usually provided by the Internet Service Provider or setup by the company itself. If you use the DNS of your service provider you have no control and your performance can be erratic. If you create your own DNS, you cannot setup it up a web site on a shared server and the security is only as good as your network. It also has to running 24/7 for your site to be accessible 24/7. A much better idea is to sign up with a managed DNS service to host your DNS. These are companies that have established their own network of DNS servers and add features to improve performance, security and protections. DNS performance can be very important in how fast a web page loads. For example, offers additional features that you do not get from your ISP:
  • Security: Protection against malware, Denial of Service Attacks (DOS), phish blocking, blacklist prevention, etc
  • content filtering
  • 100% uptime SLAs
  • Web interfaces for managing DNS and DNS records

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

All New MacBook Air With Enhanced Features

MacBook Air is known to be the most sleek, thin and stylish product launched by Apple. It is undoubtedly the most sought after technology users worldwide. This product seems to be the most innovative when it comes to notebook design. The latest news that came across about this notebook is that the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air are updated with enhanced features and technology. Apple has announced the updates in the WWDC. It is said to be powered with 4th Gen processors, enhanced battery power, quick flash storage and larger storage space.

Let us find out about the latest additions and features that the updated MacBook Air has to offer.

Haswell Processors

The most essential component of any mobile device is the processor. Apple has made ample improvements in the processor. The announcement made by Apple is all about the 4th Gen ULT processor (dual-core). Both the models are loaded with Haswell platform by Intel. Additionally, both the models are powered with 4GB RAM.

Other things include Core i5 Processor clocked at 1.3GHz. If you are willing to shell out $150 extra then you will be able to upgrade it to Core i7 with 1.3GHz.

40% Improved Graphics

Apple has added Haswell processors to its upgraded product and this comes handy for providing better graphics. It gives you enhanced 5000 HD Graphics by Intel. When we compare it to the previous version it only had 4000 HD Graphics now it seems that Apple has improved twice in number. This directly translates to 40% improved graphics performance. This brings the product on par with a GPU on the entry level.

Enhanced Battery Power

With the additional hardware provided by Intel, the overall performance of the unit has increased quite a lot. This indicates that even the battery power is affected. Now you will be able to take advantage of 7 hours additional battery power. 9 hours battery power is provided with the 11-inch unit. This means that you will be easily able to carry on with tasks involving graphics and other such battery draining activities without it impacting on the performance. Apple has claimed about 8 hours movie playback time with iTunes.

We all know that larger chassis gives space to more battery and translates to enhanced battery power. 13-inch MacBook Air is capable of providing space for a larger battery. This means that earlier the unit could only give you 7 hours of battery life now with the upgrade you will be easily able to pull through with 12 hours of battery power. Additionally, for all those who like streaming movies they too can enjoy nonstop 10 hours of movie playback time.

According to rumors that are rampant online, Apple may provide a flat 30-day standby. It is yet to be confirmed officially.

802.11ac Wi-Fi

The second most essential task undertaken by Apple is to enhance the speed of internet connectivity. Both the MacBook Air models now consist of a beefed up 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity option. This is the latest in wireless connectivity that offers three times more speed as against 802.11n standard version of Wi-Fi. With this latest inclusion of Wi-Fi version it would be really easy to enjoy fast internet on your notebook.

At present 802.11ac is not readily available in the technology market. But Apple has released the AirPort Extreme with 802.11ac version.

Better Internal Storage

The pricing for 11- and 13-inch models of MacBook Air is unchanged. However, when it comes to internal storage, the flash memory that was 64GB earlier has now been upgraded to 128GB. This was an expected addition along with larger capacity of both the units. This undoubtedly gives you 45% better and faster flash storage as compared to the earlier version of MacBook Air.

Price and Availability

The upgraded version of the 11-inch MacBook Air is powered with Intel 4th-Generation hardware with 128GB memory. This unit is priced at $999. The 13-inch model that is powered with 4th-Generation processor has an internal storage of 128GB available at $1,099. You can order any of these models from the Apple Store.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Dell XPS 18 Touch Review - An All-In-One Touchscreen With a Neat Design and Great Technology

The Dell XPS 18 Touch is the lightest and thinnest all-in-one in the world. If you want to keep it on a desk, you'll find that it won't take up much space at all. It's also portable, so you can take it on vacation with you if you want. While it's certainly no replacement for an actual notebook, you can still pack it up and haul it if you need to. It offers a long battery life and full high-definition display. The 18.4-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 1920x1080.

The exterior of the computer is simple and thin. Its simplicity gives it a clean look, making it easy for you to keep track of the ports and wires. You can connect external devices such as mp3 players and digital cameras to the all-in-one and expect high-speed syncing thanks to the USB 3.0 ports.

The touchscreen capabilities are quite impressive. You can expect fluid navigation as you tap, pinch, swipe, and scroll your way around the internet. Even though the Dell XPS 18 Touch has a touchscreen, it's still compatible with some keyboards. You can connect a mouse with it as well.

One of the neatest features about this all-in-one is its built-in feet. There are two feet that can be extended out to keep the display upright. It's easy to set up, and you can set it up on any desk at any angle.

This makes it ideal for doing any type of task: homework, business productivity, entertainment, general computing, and so forth. You can even set it up on the kitchen counter so that you can read recipes off of it.

This touch PC comes with a SATA hard drive that can hold up to 500 GB of data and files. It's also compatible with some solid state drives.

The processing power comes in the form of Intel Core processors. The standard option is an Intel Pentium processor, but you can go with an Intel Core i3, i5, or even i7 model if you want more power and performance.

The system is compatible with up to 8 GB of memory (dual channel). This should be enough to handle most of the tasks you try to run.

Keep your internet connection free from cords and plugs thanks to the Wireless-N technology and Bluetooth. If you have a home network, then this touchscreen will make a great connection.
Now you know why the Dell XPS 18 Touch is a great device. This all-in-one machine is flexible in how it can be used and what it can be used for. Even with its simple appearance, it's still a versatile machine. You can even customize some of the features and technology yourself.

If you're looking for Dell XPS 18 Touch discounts, you can find them online. Dell coupons are readily available for online shoppers. Don't pass up a chance to get this all-in-one touchscreen at a low price. It'll provide you with a great deal of entertainment for years to come.


Sunday, 4 August 2013

3 Things Small Businesses Should Know About RAID

To most of us, the word RAID brings to mind the thought of our homes or businesses being raided and robbed by criminals. Thankfully, this acronym means something entirely different in the world of computers. It refers to a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. The word independent is sometimes swapped out for inexpensive, but the acronym stays the same.

If you own a small business you may never have considered getting RAID before. However as you are about to find out, you might want to start thinking about the advantages of doing so as soon as possible.

1. RAID enables you to rely on more than one drive.
One of the main ideas behind RAID is you get several drives instead of one. If you currently have one main hard drive and all your customer information is stored on it, you need to ask yourself how safe it is. What would happen if the drive failed? RAID gives you several drives to cover most of the bases.

2. RAID means if one or two drives fail, your data will still be safe.
This is the basic idea behind RAID and it means your business won't suffer if one of your drives fails. You can still contact a high quality data recovery firm in order to get the data back that is stuck on the faulty drive, but in the meantime you can still carry on working. The whole idea of RAID is that the data held on its drives can still be used when one drive fails. Doesn't that sound like an appealing idea for keeping your business going?

3. RAID means you have less chance of needing emergency data retrieval services.
As you can see from the information given above, RAID is very different from having just one drive to rely on. It's good to know you can get emergency data recovery services to help you out if you should ever need them, but in reality you don't want to find yourself in that situation. This is where RAID proves so useful because the emergency aspect is essentially removed.

Of course you may need assistance with RAID from time to time if it develops problems. However as you can see, your small business will be far more secure in this sense than it would be with just one drive to rely on 24/7. If you've never thought about it before you may now have a completely different perspective on what RAID can do for you.

Even if you are in the wilds of Scotland, you can still find the data recovery services you need. Data Clinic provides data recovery in Scotland as well as other key parts of the UK, so get in touch with them now.


Friday, 2 August 2013

Laptop Care: Follow These 4 Tips to Care for Your Laptop

A laptop is essential to daily life. You use it at work, home and during leisure activities. Caring for your laptop is important so that you have access to it at all times. Laptop repair is expensive so waiting until the damage is done is too late. Use these tips along with the products and accessories as a part of your laptop care routine so that you can extend its life. Always turn off and unplug the power adapter and battery before cleaning it. Your safety is important when cleaning your laptop.

1. Use a Laptop Cleaning Kit

This contains a Keyboard Cleaning Brush, Microfiber Cloth and Laptop Cleaning Liquid. The brush can be a regular dusting brush or a Mini USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner Brush. The keyboard cleaning brush is used to remove dust, food particles and other messy substances that fall between the keys on your keyboard. Use the brush regularly to keep your keyboard clean. The microfiber cloth does not scratch surfaces so it is a great choice for cleaning the surface including the screen. A dry microfiber cloth can be used. However, for a more sparkling clean and to remove sticky substances then use the microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid. The cloth should be damp and not soaked with liquid.

2. Use a Laptop Air Duster Spray 

An Air Duster Spray is a can of compressed air. It cleans in between your keyboard keys just like the keyboard brush. However, it works better for removing particles that are hard to reach or stuck. Use it in a sweeping motion to remove those unwanted particles.

3. Have a Laptop Cooling Pad or Laptop Cooler

A Laptop Cooling Pad is used to keep your laptop cool because the battery gets very hot when in use. The desk surface or legs can get very warm after using it for a long time. Therefore, the cooling pad ensures that it is cool enough to be used safely.

4. Utilize a Laptop Carrying Case 

A Laptop Carrying Case is used to protect your laptop while traveling or for storing it after daily use. The case protects it from food, liquids, dents and other kinds of damage. The carrying case can be a laptop sleeve, tote bag, backpack, messenger bag or briefcase. Always use the proper size case to ensure that it fits snugly and does not suffer shock from moving around in the case.

These are the most common products and accessories that should be used to clean and maintain a properly working laptop. Follow the tips above to extend the life of your laptop and have access 24/7.

Tamara M. Williams reads and uses tips from DIY Technology articles. She shares tips so that you can learn multiple ways to care for your electronic devices. To learn more about caring for your laptop visit your local electronics store or visit the manufacturer's website.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Know the Tricks of the iPhone Trade

The world of Smartphone has initiated a great change in the lives of the people. Today, owning a Smartphone has become the latest trend and fashion among the generation. It clearly follows the message; 'have it, flaunt it'. From Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC to Nokia, every manufacturer in the world is joining the league of introducing the latest models in the market in quick succession. The phone that you desired and coveted until few days ago seems to get completely out of fashion within months of buying.

Now, when it comes to coveting the Smartphone of dreams, the Apple iPhone undeniably stands a clear winner. Today, 6 out of 10 gadget lovers in the world want being noticed carrying the latest model in hands. It might sound astounding, but let us face the truth. The increasing sensation in the world of mobile has left everyone craving for a new buy. What tends to be more surprising is the trend of selling the old and existing iPhone for buying the latest model in the market.

The choice of handing over the old phone to a friend or someone from the family surely does exist, but isn't the idea of generating cash through it emerges to be much better? So, how to sell iPhone? In today's age when selling off the old model has evolved as a habit among people, the quest seems to be quite common. Well, in simple words, all you need to do is have patience and rely upon few clicks.

Tips to Follow

1. Sell as soon as possible: If you really need to sell and is determined, then do the needful as soon as possible. Holding onto your phone without any reason will hugely affect the amount of cash that you are likely to get otherwise. Since, maximum people want to upgrade to the latest model, the old ones lose value drastically. Therefore, the faster you get it off the hook, the better benefits you receive. It is this simple.

2. Do your homework well: Selling off the old model in no time surely does not imply doing so in a hurry. You must remember to do your research well. The best idea always tends to stick with shopping around a bit. After all, you need to know the best price of your phone and get the best deal possible.

3. Erase your phone completely: Always remember you are about to hand over to your phone to a stranger. Therefore, erasing all personal data from your handset including photos, music collection, videos, contacts, and messages is must. You would definitely want to avoid being a victim of circumstances. Additionally, jailbreaking your phone also helps increasing the value of the same.

Sell your Old Model to a Company

Well, the choice might seem new to you, but selling your old model to a company surely stands a prospective alternative. You will find a number of companies offering the service of buying your old and used handset for better cash. This would definitely save all the hassles and pain that you otherwise have to undertake while dealing with classified websites. All you need to do is submit all the necessary information regarding the iPhone, prior to receiving the quote. Once, the deal is set, you can go ahead, ship your phone, and wait for the payment to be credited in your account. This complete guide of how to sell iPhone is sure to help you take a calculated approach towards a new buy.

Darron Crowe of Farewell Cell directs the people of today towards an advantageous sell of used iPhone. If you seem to be wondering about how to sell iPhone, take a cue from the article focusing on the subject well.