Thursday, 15 August 2013

4 Powerful Business Apps To Increase Productivity To The Roof

For small business owners, choosing the right tools to assist their business can be a daunting task. In fact running a business is the most rewarding and a challenging endeavor but thankfully with the current technology and emerging of business apps in the market can be an eye opener. Let's see what are the 4 top apps available today that can help you to organize and focus on your core business.

1) Evernote

This is an easy to use free application for syncing notes together. Evernote works as a great solution for small businesses to organize and keep track of notes, capture photos, create to do lists, deals, projects, little tips, etc. This application allows you to share notebooks between employees. With Evernote you are able to use 2 GB of space to upload and organize your notes. You get these 2 GB of space per employee, per month so it allows you to keep growing.

Key Features:

• Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use
• Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
• Save, sync and share files
• Record voice and audio notes
• Search for text inside images
• Organize notes by notebooks and tags
• Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
• Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use
• Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter
• Works with Evernote Business: Capture, browse, search, and share Business Notes and Business Notebooks from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
◦ Premium feature: take notebooks offline to access them anytime
◦ Premium feature: allow others to edit your notebooks
◦ Premium feature: add a PIN lock to your Evernote app

Get Evernote Apple App Here
Get Evernote Android App Here

2) Asana

It is a cloud-based task management tool for team projects and is the best way to communicate, organize and track your work. The application allows users to assign tasks to individuals. Within each task you can add notes, subtasks, add deadlines, etc. More than just assigning tasks though, you get the capability to upload documents, tag elements, and speak between employees. Asana is free for groups of up to 30 people. If you've got more than that, the pricing starts at $300/month for teams of 50.

Key Features:

• Create, prioritize, and assign tasks on-the-go
• Stay up-to-date with mobile Inbox, push notifications, and badges
• Search to quickly find tasks, projects, people, and tags
• Add due dates, recurring tasks, followers, and tags
• Attach images to tasks (iOS 6+)
• Attach files from Dropbox (requires Dropbox app v2.3 or later)
• Quickly see all tasks assigned to you
• Navigate to any project to stay on top of the details
• Changes made in the app sync in real-time
• Free: Collaborate with up to 15 teammates at zero cost

Get Asana Apple App Here
Get Asana Android App Here

3) Meeting Mapper

This application is an iPad app that is available from the iTunes store. It does exactly what it sounds like, it maps out your meetings. It tracks the opinions/ideas of every meeting participant and makes it easy to create tasks or action items and schedules them for follow up. This is a handy way to make the most out of your meetings and feel like you're walking away with some beneficial information and important steps moving forward.

Meeting Mapper iPad App


Meeting Mapper iPhone App

Get Meeting Mapper iPad App Here
Get Meeting Mapper iPhone App Here

4) Receipt HD

This superb application allows you to track your personal and business income/expenses including mileage. This is the most customizable expense tracking app available today which enable you to create budgets, accounts, categories and nine different types of custom receipt fields for local taxes, payment type and etc. You can save bunch of time when submitting expense reports especially during tax season.

 Get Receipts HD Apple App Here

Apparently, these are the very basics and the most simplest business apps that can enhance your productivity to the roof. Although there are plenty of apps out there but these but these 4 apps can do wonders to help your business.

Perhaps you may also share your favorite apps that have helped you grow your business?

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