Tuesday, 30 July 2013

iPhone 5 Review, 2013

Aside from the genius Steve Jobs' marketing, Apple has a multitude of benefits with its products and is able to satisfy even the most exquisite requests. iPhone 5 doesn't make such a technological outbreak as the one in 2008, it is just a worthy successor to the iPhone 4s.

Following the traditions of Apple quality and functionality, iPhone 5 is a sophisticated tool, which is not only used for calls and texting. It is your mobile assistant, scheduler, high speed Wi-Fi Internet access tool, camera and music player, TV and radio.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

iPhone 5 mostly looks like its predecessor, long and thin with a large touchscreen. The default colors of the case are black and white, but there are also custom cases with original and exquisite painting available from many manufacturers. The screen is about 5 inches in diagonal, which allows to have an additional row of icons visible onscreen. The case is made of aluminum and is very smooth and convenient.

Stylish and convenient, the new iPhone 5 is perfectly shaped for one-hand writing; it doesn't feel bulky and you don't have to operate it with 2 hands. All the functions work rocket-fast, allowing you to fully enjoy the performance and superior quality of the Apple product. Browsing the internet, listening to music, keeping in touch with your friends online via Facebook or Twitter, performing any kind of entertainment is swift and easy.

The 8 megapixel front and back cameras allow taking photos and shooting films of unrivaled quality. Sound from the speaker is loud and clear both during the calls and when listening to music or radio.

Ear buds may look small; however they fit into your ears nicely and provide good sounding during long subway rides, etc. The ear bud cable is rather thin and the connector is rather short, so be careful when dealing with them as you normally would with such precious little masterpiece of high technology.

As there is nothing perfect in this world, there is one rather small flaw - the Google maps. They work, but the results they provide are somewhat awkward and inaccurate and it would not be honest from our side not to mention this, as many customers complain about this feature. It is recommended to not use this app until official Apple update on the matter.

iPhone 5 is truly a masterpiece, reliable and convenient, stylishly designed and masterfully produced. Choose it as your new mobile device and you will not be disappointed!

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