Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to Choose a Third-Party Service for SSD Testing

An overview

SSD testing is an important factor that OEMs and manufacturers need to employ in assuring SSD performance. Third-party SSD testing provides the added proof that an SSD functions according to its original design specification.

SSD testing should be performed during all phases of the manufacturing process and you should expect your third party storage testing company to offer test script suites for:
  • JEDEC Certification - Tests can be carried out to ensure that the SSDs adhere to the Client and Enterprise application class endurance ratings of the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC).
  • Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) - Engineering verification testing helps you detect deviations from problems in the set design and engineering goals at an early stage, and address them. In addition to saving money, it helps reduce your to-market costs.
  • Design Verification Testing (DVT) - These tests are carried out to establish any anomalies in design that might affect product-to-market time and budget layouts.
  • Reliability Demonstration Testing (RDT) - A special set of tests is capable of calculating Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) so as to evaluate the specified life of the storage device.
  • Ongoing Reliability Testing (ORT) - This random SSD testing technique picks out samples from production batches for burn-in testing to ensure that the original quality parameters have remained consistent in subsequent batches.
The importance of utilizing Testing as a Service (TaaS)

HDDs and PCIes also benefit from third party testing. The two major advantages of engaging the services of a third-party testing service are:
  • It enables manufacturers and OEMs to market their product based on the results of comprehensive tests that prove the quality and reliability of the device. This will give your drives an edge in a competitive marketplace.
  • Companies that offer storage device test solutions and services boast a significant degree of specialization and knowledge. In addition to possessing state-of-the-art test hardware, these companies have also developed advanced software and highly evolved production test scripts. These scripts can be customized based on the requirements of the manufacturer or OEM.
Storage device testing is a comprehensive process that needs to be carried out by experts. The detailed reports provided by such firms inspire confidence among your customers.

Storage devices that are tested throughout the manufacturing process help manufacturers and OEMs locate defects at an early stage giving them the opportunity to correct any faults and get their product to market faster. Moreover, when your devices are validated by a third-party evaluation SSD testing service, your product gains an additional advantage over products that have only been tested by the manufacturer.

I have many years of experience in technology manufacturing industry. I am passionate to share my knowledge on SSD testing systems for reliability and performance. Check out the advantages of engaging the services of a third-party testing service.

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