Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Cloud: An IT Vision You Can Really Look Up To

Tired of expensive IT upgrades? Really, doesn't that just drive you nuts? There just seems to be no end to the need for new servers, new PC's, software upgrades, etc. And do you really need a full-time IT person or department? It's hard to tell, isn't it? After all, what do you really know about IT and how it works, how to best make it serve your company, and how best to control costs?

Most business people, in an honest moment, will admit they know little or nothing about IT, and yet it remains one of the most vital aspects of your operation and its relative productivity. And then just think about the competition. What if they're just more savvy about IT? Does this give them a competitive advantage? Oh yes, most decidedly it does.

This is not to say there are not businesses lucky enough to be run by savvy IT people with varying levels of expertise. But the vast majority find it to be one of the most impenetrable areas of their business. Consequently they are forced to trust, willingly or not, their IT advisor, whether than an employee or a vendor. This can definitely cut both ways and the key here is trust. But still, doesn't this seem like a less than ideal situation?

I felt so during the years I operated my company as first a break-fix, and then later as an MSP or managed service plan IT operation. When I was first introduced the cloud as a potential business network something clicked and I could see it contained the answers to so many IT problems. I set out to master the cloud and leverage it's radical departure from the now old fashioned hardware networks.

From the beginning, the cloud offered an ever-increasing list of benefits for my clients. I had to stop at times and marvel at how much of an upgrade for my clients the cloud represented. It was amazing. It really amounted to a near complete shift of the hardware risk from my clients to me. I would now be responsible for all server functions and I would own and maintain the servers.

To replace the problems the PC's caused, I use what I call Cloud Access Devices, or caddys. These are small, about the size of a paper back novel, and have no moving parts. They allow a user to connect via the internet to their network which is now located in a highly secure data center where I've installed Dell super computers. We deliver one of these for each user and they're just part of the package. We maintain ownership and responsibility for these and replace them instantly if there's a problem.

By storing your data on our cloud and by replacing your PC towers with caddys, we remove all the moving parts from your network sparing you the labor and hassle it takes to maintain all of that stuff.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Look into the future and you can see a vision of a network with ninety-five percent of its problems gone. But it gets better, much better. Of the remaining five percent of problems ninety-five percent of those can be handled remotely.

So here's where you are with your new cloud network. You now experience one quarter of one percent of your previous problems. That's one out of four hundred, for the record. Your cost is a fixed monthly fee that doesn't change for three years. Your electric bill goes down. Your in-office CO2 output drops dramatically. You've gained a ton of time you used to spend, and your staff as well, waiting for a server to warm up, or a PC to fire up; all time now spent doing what you need to do.

So my vision's complete and here's the bonus. You're now taking IT for granted as you focus almost exclusively on the business at hand. You're more productive, your company's more productive and that pays dividends forever. You are out of the IT business for good and can now view it more as a utility, something to plug into than something you need to generate.

Now do you see why I'm so enamored with the cloud?

Let us assess your network's cloud readiness. We work with firms from 5 to 300 PC's and help you analyze the cost and operational benefits. If you do decide to explore a cloud network we can show you how you do it with much less expense that an old fashioned hardware network. Shift the hardware risk to us, you'll end up with a permanent network upgrade that will make you more productive and more profitable. Email me at randy@computercloudnetwork.com or call me at 1-855-CLOUD65 ext. 2100 today.

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