Saturday, 27 July 2013

Samsung's Galaxy SII and SIII - The Major Android Revenue Drivers

A Japanese social gaming company, GREE has recently brought to light that they make more than 40 percent of all of the revenue from users using Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3. GREE also suggested that Android developers only need to test their gaming apps for a selected number of Android powered smartphones.

This trend will continue to grow until other mobile device manufacturers do not succeed to place their products similar to Samsung. The company has received enough hype for its Galaxy series of smartphones. It has also been world's top mobile device manufacturer for last several months.

Samsung Electronics overtook Nokia in first quarter 2012 and became world's largest maker of mobile phones. An article of BBC News Business with the title "Samsung overtakes Nokia in mobile phone shipments" informs that in 2012, Samsung shipped 93 million phones compared to almost 83 million by Nokia. The article also revealed that apart from Nokia, other direct competitors of Samsung are US-based Apple and Taiwan's HTC.

Today the company has reached a position where it would be extremely difficult for competitors like Apple, LG, Nokia and HTC to play catch-up anytime soon. And there are several reasons behind this success. Two of them have been recently shared by in the article "Samsung success secret: Fast work gives customers just what they want". The first is that Samsung keeps paying close attention to what its customers are saying about its products and services. Second, it quickly develops new products or their new versions. It just took around five months to develop the S3 Mini.

When you think of an Android smartphone, the first mobile brand that comes into your head is probably Samsung. An Android Authority article of January says that Samsung sold 500 smartphones every minute in Q4 2012. And with the release of Galaxy S4, this figure is expected to grow further by the end of this year.

How the dominance of Samsung is helpful for Android developers?

The dominance of Samsung in smartphone market is helpful in multiple ways. Some of them are as follows:

• Mobile developers experience difficulty in creating such apps that support all the Android powered devices. Android is an open-source mobile operating system. Google allows you to customize its OS according to the hardware capabilities of a specific device. If you want to power a low-end device through Android, you can trim some of its features. This may sound an amazing capability of the OS but the same also creates fragmentation. If developers want their apps to run on all the Android powered devices, they will need to optimize these apps for more than one device. But if they have a dominating Android device manufacturer like Samsung, they will just need to build apps for a selected number of devices.

• There are some country-specific mobile manufacturers that are also using Android to power their devices. While developing devices, they mostly follow specifications and features of popular devices such as Galaxy S3 and S2. They keep the screen size, hardware support and other specifications same to stay in the market. This helps developers to make universal Android apps.

• The process of Android application development can be concluded in comparatively short period of time if there are fewer brands using Android OS.

• Leading Android device manufacturers timely send operating system updates that help developers timely update their apps.

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