Friday, 2 August 2013

Laptop Care: Follow These 4 Tips to Care for Your Laptop

A laptop is essential to daily life. You use it at work, home and during leisure activities. Caring for your laptop is important so that you have access to it at all times. Laptop repair is expensive so waiting until the damage is done is too late. Use these tips along with the products and accessories as a part of your laptop care routine so that you can extend its life. Always turn off and unplug the power adapter and battery before cleaning it. Your safety is important when cleaning your laptop.

1. Use a Laptop Cleaning Kit

This contains a Keyboard Cleaning Brush, Microfiber Cloth and Laptop Cleaning Liquid. The brush can be a regular dusting brush or a Mini USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner Brush. The keyboard cleaning brush is used to remove dust, food particles and other messy substances that fall between the keys on your keyboard. Use the brush regularly to keep your keyboard clean. The microfiber cloth does not scratch surfaces so it is a great choice for cleaning the surface including the screen. A dry microfiber cloth can be used. However, for a more sparkling clean and to remove sticky substances then use the microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid. The cloth should be damp and not soaked with liquid.

2. Use a Laptop Air Duster Spray 

An Air Duster Spray is a can of compressed air. It cleans in between your keyboard keys just like the keyboard brush. However, it works better for removing particles that are hard to reach or stuck. Use it in a sweeping motion to remove those unwanted particles.

3. Have a Laptop Cooling Pad or Laptop Cooler

A Laptop Cooling Pad is used to keep your laptop cool because the battery gets very hot when in use. The desk surface or legs can get very warm after using it for a long time. Therefore, the cooling pad ensures that it is cool enough to be used safely.

4. Utilize a Laptop Carrying Case 

A Laptop Carrying Case is used to protect your laptop while traveling or for storing it after daily use. The case protects it from food, liquids, dents and other kinds of damage. The carrying case can be a laptop sleeve, tote bag, backpack, messenger bag or briefcase. Always use the proper size case to ensure that it fits snugly and does not suffer shock from moving around in the case.

These are the most common products and accessories that should be used to clean and maintain a properly working laptop. Follow the tips above to extend the life of your laptop and have access 24/7.

Tamara M. Williams reads and uses tips from DIY Technology articles. She shares tips so that you can learn multiple ways to care for your electronic devices. To learn more about caring for your laptop visit your local electronics store or visit the manufacturer's website.

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