Friday, 9 August 2013

Which Is Truly Better: Mac or PC? The Wisdom Of The Crowd

OK I know what you're thinking - there is no way of truly deciding whether a PC or mac is better. I mean come on! This is a personal preference so it really doesn't matter what I think right?

Well maybe there is a way of deciding which is better. When one considers the differences between a Mac and a PC: one must think about what the majority of the world values in their computers. The interface that the people prefer may not tell us which operating system performs faster or has fewer problems - but it will teach us the wisdom of the crowd. According to the online dictionary, the wisdom of the crowd is "the process of taking into account the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than a single expert to answer a question." This theory has almost always proven to be the better method of determining the most accurate answer to a question.

For example, if you were to guess how many jelly beans there are in a glass jar, the average guess of a group of people will most likely be closer to the correct answer than the guess of one individual. Therefore, when more people choose one computer over the other they are in a sense proving which computer is better.

In the question of what is the better operating system - the mac or the PC; we must turn to statistics to answer this question. I could have answered this question with a very detailed and opinionated explanation that would perhaps make very good sense from the technical side of things. But instead, I will answer this question by using the wisdom of the crowd method to come up with a more statistically accurate solution to the problem at hand.

According to statistics on, since 2003 PC has been the dominating platform that most people used throughout the world. All the way up to may of 2013 the windows interface has dominated almost 75% of the market. Therefore, according to the wisdom of the crowd theory, the windows operating system is the better computer. The PC comes out on top.

But wait a minute... Are we satisfied with this answer (surely the mac lovers are not)? There are other things we must consider. For example, because windows computers are more affordable - they are more accessible to the population and therefore used at a greater number. Or, perhaps Microsoft spends more money on marketing and generates more sales of computers than Apple does?
What do you think? Comment here: and vote for what operating system is better and why! More votes will contribute to the wisdom of the crowd and will give us a more accurate answer!

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